85 Hour Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Program

NEW OFFERING: 85 Hour Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Program (Training will be presented in four eighteen-hour weekend modules at Cityoga School of Yoga and Health)

This is Indiana’s only school to offer a 85hr Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training (RPYT). Deepen your knowledge and grow your passion for supporting health and transformation during pregnancy with Kelly Shull and Lisa Daugherty. In one of the few Registered Prenatal Yoga Schools, Cityoga’s 85-hour Prenatal Yoga Teacher training will teach you how to confidently lead a holistic and supportive prenatal yoga class that gives a connection with breath and inner strength, as well as, develop the physical strength and endurance to support the birthing process. Cityoga’s RPYT will provide the skills, techniques and credentials needed to specialize in this growing and popular area and modality of yoga teaching. Learning to teach Prenatal Yoga is a wonderful way to diversify your skill set and what you are able to offer to the community. Designed for those who are interested in acquiring the tools necessary to assist others in order to enhance and empower their experience during pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, labor and delivery and postpartum. Full of practical, philosophical, mythical, archetypal knowledge, wisdom and stories, this training will assist you to better serve the pregnant people in our yoga communities.

Cityoga’s comprehensive 85-hour training draws on Kelly and Lisa’s 35+ years of combined experience of teaching prenatal yoga, birthing children, and assisting other births, bringing you the best best practices in terms of safety, sequencing and teaching techniques. This training will give you the confidence to absorb and embody the specialized knowledge of appropriate asanas and other yogic practices for safely teaching yoga throughout all stages of pregnancy.

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CITYOGA Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training Certification

The CITYOGA Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) is a comprehensive introduction to the art and science of yoga. Consisting of over 200 hours of training, it is designed to give you a broad experience of the healing and transformational path of yoga. By the end of the course you will possess a firm foundation for teaching others, in addition to deepening your own yoga practice.

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300 Hour Advanced Vinyasa Teacher Training

The aim of this training is to aid in the development of truly impactful Yoga Teachers: Teachers who are leaders. In order to accomplish this aim, we will study in depth the space within which the teacher learns, grows, teaches and leads: The mirror of everyday life. We will refine our vision and commitment to our role in the classroom to achieve a level of mastery as a teacher and leader in our community.

We will explore the dynamics of karma, principle, awareness, freedom and choice. We will come to a holistic understanding of the human experience we share, the purpose of spiritual practice and the role of the teacher.

Yoga For 12 Step Recovery

The 12-step recovery model, created in 1939, is the most well-known and pervasive addiction/recovery programs in the world with millions of practitioners internationally. Addictive behaviors separate and disconnect us from ourselves, our loved ones, our environment and so much more. Conversely, yoga itself means union, integration, balance; yoga and it’s practices teach the fine art of balancing our multi-dimensional lives while living in a complex, dynamic, ever-changing world.