Studio Etiquette

Lobby Etiquette

The lobby area is a shared space between students, staff, and teachers. It is a place of connection, conversation, bonding, and relationship building. Although we love to see everyone connecting before and after class, please be mindful that the studio is a sacred space, and these guidelines are to help promote a safe, warm, healing environment for all who enter.

  • Sign In As You Enter: Let the front desk staff know you’re present for class, even if you checked in online, or you’ve been to the studio a hundred times
  • Watch Your Volume: There may be classes in session or students in savasana. If you feel your conversations are getting lively, please step outside of the building
  • No Loitering: The studio is a sacred space is for students, teachers, and staff, all other individuals will be respectfully asked to leave
  • Cleanliness: Place personal items neatly in the cubbies
  • No Smoking or Drugs: Tobacco use of any kind, smoking vape pens, ingesting drugs, and drinking alcohol are prohibited in the studio
  • Respect Boundaries: Only staff allowed behind the desk and in the office. Respect people’s level of comfort with personal space. Don’t overstay your welcome; be mindful of open hours and arrive and leave within reasonable times.
  • Silence ALL Electronics: Our walls are not sound-proof. We can still hear them from inside the practice room
  • Be kind and respectful to your yoga neighbors and the teacher before, during, and after class

Practice Room Etiquette

We have two practice rooms, the blue room and the orange room. The practice room is a sacred space where people come to unplug, slow down, meditate, find tranquility, and focus on their yoga practice. Please be respectful of the space as to not disturb your neighbors, and to provide a stress-free and quiet environment for all who enter.

  • Arrive on time or early for class
  • Teachers will start class and end class on time
  • Notify Your Teacher: Of any previous injury, illness, or conditions that may impact your practice
  • No Shoes
  • No Cellphones: Silence smartwatches, ideally leave them outside the room. If there is an unusual circumstance that requires you to have your phone near you, please inform your teacher
  • No Open Beverages
  • Avoid Perfumes
  • Quiet Voices: Ideally silence upon entering the practice room
  • Respect The Sequencing: During class you may feel it necessary to modify a pose or take a longer rest. In these situations, please take care of your body by modifying the practice to accommodate your needs. At the same time honor other students in the room and their practice by staying with the general flow and pace of the group. If you have to leave early, tell your teacher, and leave before savasana as to not disturb your neighbors.
  • Clean Up After Yourself: Wipe down blocks, put away props, and wipe away any sweat off the floor around you