Enter to WIN a trip to Costa Rica!

Become a Standard or Supporter Member in September and get placed in a drawing to win a trip to Costa Rica. Winner will have their all-inclusive Costa Rica Retreat and dorm room paid for ($1,850 value). **Airfare is no included

You qualify to get entered into the drawing if...

  • You have no had an active membership since Sep 1st, 2022, and purchase a Standard or Supporter Membership -OR-
  • You currently are a member and UPGRADE to a Standard or Supporter Membership



  • 3 month membership commitment is required

Other Prizes:

    • All valid entries get a free CITYOGA t-shirt or tank
Winner will be announced Friday, October 6th on Instagram Live! Good Luck 🌈

CITYOGA uses a sliding scale pricing model for our services to both make yoga accessible for those with lower incomes and wealth and to center our values on redistribution. We encourage you to take both income and wealth into consideration, though one’s wealth status is the most important when determining a sliding scale rate. Income is what you make (usually monthly) from a job, disability, social security, etc. Wealth is the personal property (homes, cars) + savings + income generating assets (real estate, investments) minus liabilities (debts, loans) within your network and/or family.

How to place yourself on our sliding scale

Ask yourself...
  1. Are you and your family homeowners or landowners?

  2. Have you attended private education institutions or do you have an advanced degree?

  3. Are your bills or credit cards on autopay?

  4. Have you not had difficulty accessing and affording healthcare or health insurance for you or your family members?

  5. Do you have zero to no debt and/or do you have disposable income?

  6. Do you have a safety net composed of “financially stable” or wealthy family and friends?

  7. Do you have U.S. Citizenship?

If your answers were...

Mostly Yes: You should consider our Supporter Rate

Some Yes, Some No: You should consider our Standard Rate

Mostly No: You should consider our Community Rate

We trust in those of you who have greater means to continue contributing at levels that support others, and by doing so, we will also amplify the right livelihood of our outstanding instructors. Cityoga splits the class profits 50/50 with the instructor, which means half of what you pay goes right into the teacher's pocket. This is to help support our teachers and provide them a fair wage for their service.

All students, teachers, staff, and managers must uphold our Cityoga policies. Please review them before purchasing.

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