Cool Job: Yoga Instructor Sees Positive Change in Others

Article: IndyStar - February 12, 2016

A former business consultant, Dave Sims now is an instructor/studio owner at CITYOGA School of Yoga and Health in Indianapolis.

One of the oldest forms of exercise in the world, yoga has been leading its faithful practitioners on physical and spiritual journeys for centuries.

Dave Sims is no exception. 

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What is Cityoga for You?

A Conversation with Peg Mulqueen of Ashtanga Dispatch

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2015 Interview with Adrienne Lovell - By Emma Hudelson

Emma: How long have you been teaching yoga?
Adrienne: Three years

Emma: What style of yoga do you teach? What makes your classes unique?
Adrienne: I teach Vinyasa. I want people who take my classes to follow their unique needs and intuition. Each day is different, so each practice is different. Honor that.

Emma: What teachers have influenced you and your teaching?
Adrienne: Marsha Pappas for her steadiness, and Lisa Daugherty for her artistic approach.

Emma: How do you balance teaching, being a mom, and your own practice?
Adrienne: It's all practice. Movement is a big part of me and my son's lives. It's important to have fun with it and not take it all too seriously. Get on the floor. Play. Go outside. Get dirty. We try to do this every day in our household. We have a plush carpet to roll around on, space for mats against the wall, yoga swings, and props at our fingertips.

Emma: How has yoga affected your life off the mat?
Adrienne: I am more calm and focused (usually). Finding patience and facing challenges on the mat has served as a practice for daily life that's inspired change and self-growth.

Emma: What brought you to yoga?
Adrienne: It was desperation! I needed more emotional peace and clarity.

Emma: What's your advice for a yoga newbie who wants to start a practice?
Adrienne: Try to enjoy yourself! Don't take yourself too seriously. Yoga can simply supply a relief from stress and tension in the body, or it can also be a very personal journey into the vast landscape of the internal structure of your heart/mind. Let there be fear. Let there be pride. Let there be surprises.

Emma: What does your practice routine look like?
Adrienne: Oh man, it ebbs and flows like anything else. Forward fold whenever possible, meditate everyday even if just for 5 min, explore movement passively or energetically depending on everything from my mood, the time, the company I'm with...even the moon.
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We are incredibly blown away and grateful! Thank you to all who voted for CITYOGA in the recent Nuvo 'Best Of' Competition!

We made a conscious decision a long time ago to not solicit our students to vote for us in 'contest' like these because it can encourage a divisive spirit in the yoga community. We feel that the competitive spirit of 'us versus them' can be a tool of separation. Yoga means union and our desire is to do all that we can to encourage unity in the Indianapolis yoga community and the world!

That being said - You still voted us the NUMBER 1 Yoga School in Indy!!!

Wow, Wow, Wow!!! We are so grateful for the CITYOGA community! We are dedicated to serving and thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


For many local yoga enthusiasts, Nikki Myers is the woman who helps them live balanced, more fulfilled lives. Myers, 57, owner and executive director of CITYOGA, believes that yoga -- the union between mind, body and spirit -- was a miracle that kept waiting to happen for her.


LIVING in a spartan cottage for eight days during a boot camp for aspiring yoga teachers in Hawaii, Sue Jones practiced from 7 a.m. to midnight, silently watched the rhythms of the Pacific Ocean from a bluff and, she said, gained the confidence to return to Boston and mend her marriage.


For most Americans, yoga begins with asana. But then a curious thing happens: Once you begin a dedicated practice, you may find yourself growing flexible and strong not just physically but emotionally, too. For many, yoga is a way to become more kind, patient, and loving—first with yourself, then with family and friends, and eventually with everyone with whom you come in contact.