CITYOGA has been the proud host of weekly Kundalini yoga classes since 2002!

Kundalini Classes are themed to work on a specific aspect of the body, energy, emotions or the mind. The activities range from quiet and meditative sessions, to active, aerobic , or stronger physical classes. The teacher will explain how beginners can modify postures or activities to your level of physical comfort. The classes are different every week, so it is great for people who love variety. A typical class contains pranayama (breathwork), a kriya, which is a series of physical (still or moving postures), a vibrational Gong relaxation, and a meditation.

Kundalini Yoga is a unitive discipline of the power of awareness and the potential in each individual. It involves chanting, mantra, breathing exercises, meditation, mudras and sets of still or repetitive postures know as kriyas. It prepares the practitioner to safely activate dormant spiritual (Kundalini) energy that’s said to be located at the base of the spine. As Kundalini yoga awakens this energy, it enhances intuition and awareness and helps you to move past your ego. That’s why this practice is also called “yoga of awareness".

The technology of Kundalini Yoga strengthens your radiance to give you greater physical, emotional, mental and energetic capacity. It teaches you how strengthen your immune system, vital glands, and nervous system. It increases good circulation and helps you to gain an awareness of the impact of your habits. Kundalini Yoga comes to you as an inheritance, as something already existing. It is a legacy of the love of the soul to experience identity; it works to unite body, mind and spirit.

CITYOGA offers a Kundalini Yoga class for all levels a couple times a week, with the exception of the Intermediate class on Sunday mornings;

All Level Kundalini Yoga Classes

  • Wednesday 9a-10:15a (in studio)
  • Wednesday 11a-12p (livestream)
  • Sunday 11a-12:15a (in studio)

Intermediate Kundalini Yoga – Sunday 8:45a – 10:15a (livestream)

  • Prerequisites: You’ll be fine in this class if you know the Adi Mantra (Ong Namo, Guru Dev, Namo), Breath of Fire, Root Lock (Mulbhand), and the Long-Time Sun. You also are able to hold a seated posture for up to 30 minutes at a time.

In Studio Kundalini Classes

Kundalini Teachers