Free Classes, Supported by the Heartland Mindfulness Collective. Offering community respite through yoga, meditation, mindfulness and stress reduction.

In partnership with Cityoga, The Heartland Mindfulness Collective (HMC) is a non-profit organization that exists to strengthen individuals and communities by providing free access to resources that foster mindfulness, healing, and reducing the harmful effects of stress. HMC believes that all individuals and communities deserve access. All programming offered is designed to educate the general public on the life-enhancing aspects of mindfulness, yoga, meditation, and to offer respite for stressful times.

HMC strives to provide equitable compensation and opportunity to wellness professionals and yoga teachers. All of their programming donation-based; for those able to give what they can, and free to others who need it.

All HMC classes are free to the community, however donations are welcome. All donations collected while booking go back to HMC to support their mission. To learn more about HMC and their mission check out their website here:

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