Class Levels

Below are the different class levels offered at Cityoga.

Levels are a way for our teachers to meet the expectations of the student who chooses to sign up for that level of class. This is to help keep students safe during their practice. All levels pf practice will focus on the breath, presence, and mindful movement. Within all levels of yoga, you can set intentions on tuning into your body and becoming more aware of your mind with an openness to grow. Let’s take a look at what each of the options means.

*Please note that some classes on the schedule are listed as 1/2 or 2/3. This means that the class is a great entry-point for those who are looking to expand their practice without risking taking on too much.

All Levels

These classes are welcoming to any and all students no matter what level of experience you have with practicing yoga. The teacher is experienced enough to help modify based on the group of folks that have decided to attend class that day.

Level 1

These yoga classes are designed to welcome the student that is new to yoga to gain a deeper understanding of asana (physical postures). These classes offer a slower pace, more descriptions for the postures, alignment, and introductory breathing and relaxation techniques. Props are used during class and demonstrations will be provided by the instructor. Plenty of modifications are offered. Intermediate/advanced inversions and backbends will not be taught during his class.

Level 2

At this yoga level it may be helpful to have some previous experience with yoga postures, breath, and relaxation techniques. The pace may be quicker or the postures may be held longer than level 1 classes, and new transitions and poses will be introduced. All levels are welcome to grow their practice. This class will include the occasional intermediate level backbend, and/or arm balance. Fewer modifications will be offered than a level 1 class.

Level 3

Designed for the more experienced yogi, although all levels are welcome to grow their practice. Flow through a vigorous vinyasa and work towards more challenging postures. These classes require a strong knowledge of form and alignment to keep your body safe. It requires understanding how far you can push your body, when you need extra support, and when you need to slow down. These classes will commonly include advanced inversions like headstands, handstands, forearm stands, and advanced backbends, and will challenge your limits.