Resilience Embodied: 50 Hour Trauma Informed Yoga and Somatics Teacher Training

With Kelly Shull and Lisa Daugherty

**Accepting applications! Trainings begins September 14th, 2024.

This 50-hour trauma-informed and somatics yoga teacher training is for yoga teachers, educators, mental health professionals or anyone seeking to deepen their knowledge of trauma and somatics and become more skilled teachers and facilitators. Trainees work with evidence-based practices, formulated around the latest neuroscience discoveries. This training provides an integrative framework for understanding how trauma and chronic stress impact the body and mind. Focused on experiential yoga, meditation, mindfulness practices and their ability to reduce trauma and stress symptoms and cultivate a greater sense of well-being. Trainees will be exposed to the vast knowledge base of neuro somatic intelligence and inquiry. Rooted in these somatic understandings, a variety of mind and body techniques will be taught and practiced. The practices grow into a trauma-informed teaching style and methodology rooted in deep understanding and embodiment.

Trauma-informed yoga is taught with an understanding of how chronic stress and trauma affect us all and how sensitive approaches support healing. Somatic techniques are especially helpful because they are done slowly and intentionally and steeped in an awareness of interoception and nervous system integration. Relationship stress, depression, anxiety, behavioral and health issues are often the result of unresolved trauma or chronic stress, and with trauma informed yoga and embodied practice, we can build resilience to feel safe in our own bodies, so we feel stable and regulated and can build healthy relationships with others and ourselves.

70% of the US population has survived some form of trauma which means, trauma is in every room. Whether you work in a yoga studio, online from home or in a recovery center, you are interacting, probably without even knowing it, with someone who has survived trauma. Our duty as yoga teachers is to do no harm and yet even with best intentions, without knowledge of the ways trauma shows up, our actions may be unskillful. This teacher training will ensure you have the guidance and practices you need to reduce harm and create expansive, brave spaces.

What You'll Be Learning:

  • What does trauma look like in a person
  • What is trauma informed care
  • Trauma informed yoga is people informed yoga
  • Scope of a trauma informed yoga teacher
  • How to work in trauma impacted spaces
  • Language sensitivity
  • How to facilitate skillfully
  • Trauma informed touch
  • Holding space in multi-identitied spaces
  • The impact of trauma in marginalized communities
  • Polyvagal theory
  • The autonomic nervous system
  • Embodied practice
  • What happens to the mind/body system during and after a traumatic event
  • The ways in which yoga and somatics can regulate the nervous system
  • Specific practices for grounding, orienting, and centering
  • Common trauma triggers and how to avoid them
  • Ways to reframe your teaching to increase accessibility
  • Attachment theory and co regulation skills
  • Room set up and teaching in unconventional yoga spaces
  • Mindfulness and self care for the trauma informed yoga teacher and why that is important
  • Resourcing tools for effective self regulation and co regulation
  • Confidentiality
  • Self knowledge and awareness of privilege in the yoga room
  • Striving for Anti-oppressive spaces
  • Cultural humility and power dynamics

**This training is open to all people, including yoga instructors, educators, mental health professionals etc. The Trauma-informed Yoga Teacher Training Program is a supplemental continuing education course for students who have already completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training.

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Yoga Alliance

50 hour Yoga Alliance Continuing Education (CEU) Credits available!

Course Details

Program Directors

Kelly Shull, E-RYT 500, RPYT, YACEP

Program Director, Lead Trainer, Prenatal Yoga Teacher, Holistic Childbirth Educator, Doula Trained, Pelvic Floor Yoga Teacher

Kelly Shull has been teaching at CITYOGA for the last 16 years. Kelly has her M.A. in Counseling and will be a Licensed in Mental Health Counselor LMHC as of August of 2024. She has always found a connection to peace and wellbeing through the transformative energy of yoga and has a deep commitment to share it. Kelly is Program Director of  Cityoga’s 85-hour Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training which is Indiana’s only Yoga Alliance Registered Prenatal Yoga School RPYS.

Kelly has Teaching Trauma informed yoga over the past several years after feeling inspired to learn more after the #MeToo movement and learning about several allegations made about prominent yoga gurus, Kelly felt a need to reexamine what a safe yoga environment can look like and took a deep dive into Trauma Informed yoga and Trauma Sensitive yoga. Kelly has worked with those with Substance Abuse Disorder in Recovery for the last four years, as well as children and adults working through depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, domestic and sexual abuse etc. She has learned that, while talk therapy can be helpful, an embodied evidence based somatic practice, that supports healing, nervous system regulation, allows one to process any emotion or trauma stuck in the body, can be more effective.

We have a need to heal not only on a personal level, but a collective level by learning how to care for and regulate our own nervous systems so that we, as yoga teachers, are able to offer a healing safe practice for all of our students.

Lisa Daugherty, E-CYT 500, CPYT, Doula

Program Director, Lead Trainer, Prenatal Yoga Teacher, Holistic Childbirth Educator, Thai Massage Practitioner, Ceremonialist, Musician, Somatics Instructor and Educator, Executive Director of Heartland Mindfulness Collective

Lisa Daugherty has been teaching at Cityoga for 18 years, and has been teaching in the Indianapolis area since 2002. Lisa has a BA from Purdue University and is completing her 500 hour YTT in September of 2024 with Rolf Gates. She is also currently receiving education through a training called NeuroSomatic Intelligence.

Lisa has consistently strived to offer yoga sessions that are accessible and inspiring to a wide swath of people. She loves the community aspect of group yoga classes and has been a steady and nurturing leader in the Indianapolis yoga scene.

Her interest in the field of somatics began many years ago. As she has matured in her life and yoga practice, the study of somatics helped her to bridge the mind, body, spirit connections of yoga to an understanding of the neuroscience of the human body. Through this lens, she has helped people learn to track the sensations in their body and work with regulation of the nervous system to process feelings, emotions, patterns and traumatic experiences that may be causing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual disturbances.

Course Fee

Non-Refundable Deposit: $200

Tuition: $1,100 (includes deposit)

**10% discount for CITYOGA 200hr YTT alumni



Module One:

  • Saturday September 14th 9-5
  • Sunday September 15th 9-3

Module Two:

  • Saturday October 5th 9-5
  • Sunday October 6th 9-3

Module Three:

  • Saturday November 9th 9-5
  • Sunday November 10th 9-3
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