Mysore at CITYOGA with Emma

Find Ashtanga Yoga in Indianapolis at CITYOGA. We're home to the first Mysore-style Ashtanga program in Indy. Our Ashtanga program is much more than yoga classes; it's a community of individuals transforming themselves, day by day. In addition to our weekly schedule, we also have monthly Ashtanga gatherings and other social events.

Mysore is a semi-private class with flexible start times to allow students a practice time that works for their individual schedule.

In this special class, you learn to take individual responsibility for your yoga practice and develop a deeply trusting relationship with your teacher. It is a perfect environment to learn asanas or postures safely, with proper skill and dedication. By committing yourself fully to one yoga style, one teaching method and a regular practice, you open the door to deeper levels of your body, mind and spirit.

In the space between the teacher and the student, learning happens. Our teachers have trained with authorized instructors, so are connected directly to the original Ashtanga lineage. In the Mysore style semi-private format of practice, you have the unique opportunity to experience this lineage yourself.

The most intimate, personal and developed way of practicing yoga is also the most traditional, time-honored and historic method. The 'Mysore Style' method is named after the city where our teacher Sri K. Pattabhi Jois lived until his passing and taught for decades, continuing this teaching style from his teacher Krishnamacharya.

Today Sharath Jois (grandson of Pattabhi Jois) continues the traditional teaching in Mysore. Sharath is Pattabhi Jois's only student who has studied and continues to practice the complete six series of the ashtanga yoga system.

It is a very common misconception that you need to be a physically advanced Ashtanga practitioner in order to practice Mysore style. This environment is actually the traditional way to learn and to start your yoga practice.

We suggest that new students without a regular Ashtanga practice (having the primary or part of the primary series memorized) commit to at least one month at a minimum of three times per week.

Mysore classes will be canceled on "moon days", days when there is a full or new moon.

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